Thursday, February 26, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel...

This week I start my final portion of paramedic school: field internship. I'm required to use what I have learned in class and prove competent as a paramedic. No pressure. 

It's funny how often I get asked how emt school is going.  So in response I have started asking my nursing student friends how CNA school is going. Haha it's comprable. 

I'm very excited and nervous for the next two months. Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a quick trip south...

In the beginning of January we took a short trip to Florida to visit Nick's Dad. We haven't been down since before we were married so it was a much needed trip. We had so much fun. 

It was hard to leave. Wish we could be closer to both our family that's there and the beach.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life is Learning.

It has been a world wind of a last two years since I last updated this blog. Where to start??

The year 2013 tried to kill me. It  ran me over and then slammed the car into reverse and ran me over again to make sure it did the deed. As many know it was a tough year in the Fisher household. Through our large amounts of time spent apart we had sadly grown apart. We took 6 months of that year and decided separation was our final turn left on a map that was leading no where happy. During those 6 months I felt every emotion known- I first felt anger. I was angry that my life wasn't "perfect" like everyone else's. I was angry at all those "perfect" people for digging in my life for the latest gossip or for making their own assumptions about what might have happened to us. I was bitter, bitter towards Nick for not seeing things through my eyes and bitter at God for what was happening to me. It took 3 months (Im pretty stubborn) of us being apart for me to finally feel sad, and to get over my anger and bitterness. It took 3 months to hit my knees and pray. It wasn't til I prayed that I began to see the situation through a heart that asked:"What could I have done different?" "How could I have changed things?" "What flaws of my marriage were because of me?"

A few of the many answers I came up with for those questions:

  • Sometimes I need to be more of a wife and less of a buddy.  When I say this I don't mean I need to wash more clothes and ride less bikes. (I could probably do that too but..) I mean I need to need. Husbands need to be needed. Its ok for me to call Nick when I cant get my oil cap off because its too hot and too tight. I don't have to do everything by myself.  Its ok to call him at the end of a tough day and have a good cry. My husband needs to know how important in my life he is and that he is a necessity I couldn't live without. 
  • I need to pick my fights carefully. I have now made a rule for myself- I get one fight to pick a week. This week Im fighting the idea of stacking dishes next to the sink vs putting the damn things in the dishwasher. I know this seems like a dumb one but it has closed the door for me to pick a fight on anything else. So no nagging about sleeping in, drinking all the milk, or leaving a shaving mess in the bathroom sink. I hate myself when I start nagging and I know that Nick does too. Plus when your asking for them to change one thing-- its lots more likely to happen.
  • I need to be home. When I got married I was choosing to spend my life with the man I love. Somehow over 4 years that turned into maybe seeing him once a week and then flying off on my next solo adventure. We never went on dates. We rarely slept in the same bed. Thus the biggest change I made was in my choice of career. I left the airlines October of 2013. This was the toughest because of my love for flying and my love for adventure but I will say it has been well worth it.
Apparently, Nick asked himself the same questions because after 4 months of being separated we both had refocused what we wanted changed on ourselves vs on each other.

We learned a lot about ourselves and each other over those 6 months. We now have a greater understanding for one another than I ever thought possible. Each day we are working on life but we are learning to use each other to work on life together vs working on two separate lives- one against the world.

Sometimes life needs a moment to realize where we stand. To recognize everything that isn't where it should be.  I challenge everybody to take that part of your life that isnt quite what you thought it would be or that part of your life that is keeping you from the life you want, and to take a step back and really break it down. Whether your marriage has lost that flare or whether you cant find your happy.  Take a moment and realize whats missing. This is the only way you can get something closer to what you want- its about recognizing the faults and working to fix them. Life always takes work but if its what you really want then it will be worth the work.
It is the 'hards' and the 'bads' that make us stronger. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its been a while...

Its been a while since I have updated this and so much goes on everyday its hard to keep track. Here's the scoop:

Nick: Nick is quite the business man. Earlier this year he got a job offer he could not refuse with Scott USA (The ski company, not the toilet paper company so dont ask for hook ups on toilet paper... we have none.) Nick could not be a better match for his job. He is the Utah Summer Sales rep. I spent the entire summer with stacks of boxes from floor to ceiling in my living room. He spends most his days traveling around northern utah, visiting with different bike shops.  About every other weekend he heads off to Southern Utah (which he always seems to make a few "rest stops" along the way that usually have bike trails...) Its keeping him busy now and there is hope for lots of growth in the future.

I got a scooter for my bday this year- so if you see my gimme a honk!
Lynnsey: I am doing my thing. School all week and fly all weekend.  I have began studying for the MCAT but its hard to focus on something that's still over a year away. I decided that my schedule isnt full enough (ha!) and will also be volunteering as a ski patroller at Snowbasin this winter. Im actually really excited about this. Not only wil I get to work with my dad (who also volunteers up there) but I will be gaining some patient interaction which is a necessity to get into med school (and getting Nick and I season passes!!!)

We bought a house!! Its way close to WSU and has a huge yard - I lose Harley in it! AND Im more than excited because this means that the pile of boxes that were being stored in my living room now have there place in the garage! Nick says he is a real man now that he has a garage. We are in the middle of remodeling and will post pics soon.

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! Nick went on a ski trip with my Dad and I spent another Thanksgiving in Fargo, ND. (Which had -10 windchill that night.... LOVE IT!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trip!

Thats right! Road Trip! I left my wings at home and Nick and I headed to Colorado in the man van. It was an awesome tri trip! I havent gotten to see Nick race a lot this summer and was pretty much counting down the days to this weekends trip! Some friends of ours, Shawnie and Austin Jenkins, came up from Denver to cheer Nick on which made it even more fun!! Nick raced amazingly and it was so fun to watch!! He took 11th out of the pros and 2nd out of the amateurs!! He had a great race.

So... you girls that have watched the bachelor since season 1 might recognize the guy in this next pic! Its Ryan Sutter from season 2!!! He married Trista!! Anyhow my friend (Debbie) was racing and saw him in the water before the race. Luckily she got my attention so we could snap a pic!! (No we are not stalkers but we do LOVE Xterras!) I would also like to point out that Ryan and Trista are living proof that the Bachelor is real and they do find love... SO Nick leave me alone.

<<<< Bachelor Ryan Sutter!!! (And Debbie)

I got to run my first 10k while in Colorado this weekend too!! I wont lie- I totally surprised myself! It was a very hard race - 1300 ft vertical climb and it was hard to breath due to the altitude! I took 1st in my age group and 4th overall!!! Like I said- VERY SURPRISED! This pic sums up my feelings on the climbs....

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Nick is the MOAB XTERRA OVERALL WINNER!! (Meaning he beat the pros too. Just saying.) He put a write up about the race on his race blog! Check it out!!